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Waste audits

These tools have been created to assist businesses in understanding their current waste volumes, streams, and diversion rates and costs associated with them.

Landfill waste and food waste are both significant contributors to climate change. Businesses and restaurants can take meaningful action to reduce their environmental impact through waste audits, these tools will provide you with tangible ways to reduce and divert your waste.

Reducing and diverting waste is not only a positive way to reduce your impact, but also your bottom line. 

Separating Waste


Domestic Waste Bin


Separating Waste


The waste audit experience

“The waste audit tool and information provided to us by the Synergy Foundation team has proved to be an excellent resource for our mission to reduce our waste. Not only did it make us realize that we’re on the right path, but it also helped us understand areas where we can make improvements by providing education to our team members. As intimidating as a waste audit sounds, it was actually kind of fun and we have decided to do them more than once per year!”

- Samantha O'Neill, Monk Office

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