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spread the word about circularity

Help us spread the word about the circular economy! Whether you're a teacher, entrepreneur, or member of a business association, you are welcome to use the following free downloads for educational purposes.


By downloading these resources, you agree to:

  • Attribute these materials to Project Zero and Synergy Foundation;

  • Not alter the materials in any way, including cropping, rotating, skewing, flipping, applying effects, filters, or alternative colours, or removing the Project Zero or Synergy Foundation logos;

  • Use these materials for educational purposes only.


We reserve the right to deny or restrict use of these materials at any time.

Circular economy model

Circular Economy Diagram

This diagram illustrates Project Zero's circular economy model, demonstrating how products and materials re-enter the supply chain. The size of the circle for each re-entry process represents how energy and resource-intensive the process is.

Linear economy model

Linear Economy Diagram

This diagram illustrates a linear 'take-make-waste' economic model. This is our current predominant economy, where virgin materials are extracted and designed to be used for a short period of time before being discarded in the landfill, incinerated, or ending up as pollution. 

Circular economy icons

Circular Economy Icons

These circular economy icons detail each of the re-entry points of materials in a circular economy. These five re-entry processes include reduce, reuse and repair, redistribute, recondition, and recycle. A sixth icon describes renewable energy, which powers each of these processes.

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