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Circular Economy Vision

By 2040, British Columbia will exist as a thriving circular economy. Our residents will own less, but live more fulfilling lives. Material goods will be shared, not stored. Our waste will be our greatest resource. The upcycling and circular economy will employ hundreds of people, many of them small, independent businesses. The narrative about waste has changed to one that is focused on social equity, resource efficiency, and economic opportunity. 

In sum, a Circular Economy is one:

  • where we share more than we own, freeing income and sparing resources

  • where new ideas come to life and inspire other regions

  • where products are made and repaired locally

  • where economic equality is the new norm

  • where one’s waste is another’s resource

This is our vision for an inclusive Circular Economy in British Columbia. 

We Stand on the shoulders

of giants

The concept of a Circular Economy is not new. In fact, it has been integral to the traditional way of life of the Indigenous Peoples. It is also how natural ecologies function.

With the spike in plastic production in the 1950's came a change in human behaviour. No longer were products built to last, instead they became disposable and we adopted a throw away mindset. The evolution of the industrial economic system, fossil fuel energy production, a globalized economy and plastics have largely contributed to the shift towards a linear economy.


In many ways, shifting to a Circular Economy is a combined effort to leverage our innovation and technology of the new green economy era, while drawing on inspiration from traditional and natural processes.

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