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In theory the circular economy sounds great, but how do we start to incorporate its concepts into our day-to-day lives? As consumers and purchasers, one of the biggest impacts we can make revolves around our purchasing decisions. By consciously choosing where and what we spend our money on, we can drive change. To help get you started, we have compiled an array of suggestions on where to shop, how to reduce your waste levels, what to do with those items you no longer want, and much more. Scroll down to get some inspiration and ideas on places to check out in Victoria!

Refill Solutions

One of the easiest switches you can make to reduce your personal waste levels is to start shopping at stores that allow you to bring your own containers in to fill with their products. From cleaning supplies to coffee beans and your favourite snacks, you can now say good-bye to unnecessary plastic packaging.

Bulk granola.jpg

Zero Waste Emporium

Victoria's first zero waste grocery store! Many amazing and local goodies including milk on tap


Cook Culture

Refill your eco-friendly, plant-based dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent and countertop cleaner from Spadilla Soap Co. here

west coast refill reusable

West Coast Refill

Home cleaning, body care, and many other unique products to make zero waste living even easier

esquimalt roasting company.jpg

esquimalt roasting co

Bring back your empty coffee container to Esquimalt Roasting Company and get a discount on your refill


Nezza Naturals

Victoria made, organic, and cruelty free face, body, hair and home care products. Refillable options are available




Canadian based company for all your dry-good refill needs! Bring your clean container, get it weighed and scoop away


Like our parents used to always tell us, sharing is caring! When we take part in the sharing economy less goods are needed which spares resources, reduces waste and emissions, and frees up income. From car sharing to co-working spaces, Victoria has lots of great options that can provide you with the opportunity to own less and live lighter.



 Why own a car when you can share one! With a diverse selection of vehicles, Modo makes car sharing easy and affordable

Forklift Maintenance

VI Rentals

Rent a wide selection of industrial tools and equipment, from pressure washers to forklifts, and get advice on their proper use. 




Forgot your reusable cup this morning? No problem - Nulla has you covered. Just a $5 refundable deposit at participating cafés

Electric Grinder

Victoria Makerspace

For a monthly fee, access a shared workshop space and tools, including a laser cutter and 3D printer, to work on your projects.




Full-service work and culture club. Stunning co-working space with great membership options and awesome perks




The Victoria Tool Library has an inventory of tools for just about any project that you can access with an annual membership


Help extend the life of a product by finding ways to repair your existing products. It is amazing how some simple upkeep and maintenance can greatly extend the length of a product’s useful life. By repairing items locally we support our economy, preserve resources and save money.


Recyclistas Victoria

Recyclistas is a full-service bicycle repair shop, recycling depot and educational work-space.  Check them out for bicycle recycling too

Image by Andy Køgl

basecamp repairs

Basecamp Repairs will keep your tents, raincoats, and other outdoor gear out of the landfill and into the great outdoors for years of more adventuring

Image by Joseph Greve

mother computers

Specializing in computer repair and refurbished computers, their knowledgeable staff will help you with all your tech troubles



Cobblers can give a second life to your shoes and boots.  A great consideration for repairs, sole replacements, new zippers and more




Have some small household items or clothes that need repairs? Check out a repair café and get help fixing them for free from a repair specialist

Dish Washer

appliance repair

For your larger home appliances such as washing machines, dryers, ovens, and HVAC systems, call a repair specialist to extend the life of your appliances


As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just because you no longer want something doesn’t mean that no one else does either! For products you would like to dispose of consider if they can be resold, shared, or donated. When looking to make a purchase, consider buying second hand.




Buy, sell or rent your inventory, warehouse space or equipment with other nearby companies on Canada's largest business resource marketplace.



Home and building supply stores that accept and resell quality new and used building materials, furniture and appliances

event 1.webp

party supplies

Have a special event coming up? Party and event rentals are a great alternative to purchasing, especially for one-time occasions

supply 2.jpeg


SUPPLY redistributes used art, office and school supplies to artists, teachers and students in need of creative materials

upcycle collective.jpg

upcycle collective

Curated consignment and quality clothing and accessories. Don't be a part of 'fast fashion' anymore! Score some unique vintage and upcycled finds here

used vic.jpg 


From used bikes, and camping gear to home appliances, art, furniture and more, has it all on one platform 


Here is a small sampling of a few local businesses that see ‘waste’ materials as a valuable input for their products. From backpacks made from sailcloth to upcycled wool jackets, Vancouver Island is home to a variety of businesses that have found innovative ways to loop materials back into our economy. When making a purchase, look into where the product is made and what materials are used.

ll supply.webp

L/L Supply

 L/L Supply exclusively uses upcycled or recycled materials to create long-lasting, durable apparel for all your adventures

salt legacy

salt legacy

West Coast-inspired outdoor accessories made of upcycled sailcloth are durable enough for any coastal adventure



Manufactured in Canada from upcycled natural fibers, Anián's apparel will keep you looking sharp and feeling cozy


island Java bags

Burlap coffee bags sourced from local island roasters are upcycled into these cute handcrafted totes and other accessories 


Berg + Betts

Sophisticated eco-friendly 

timepieces designed and  assembled in Canada, committed to ethical manufacturing 


retro repurposed

Furniture and art constructed out of 100% recycled pallets. Check them out on Etsy, Facebook or at a local market


Recycling goes far beyond our curbside blue bins! By committing a little time and effort to disposing of objects you no longer have use for, you will find that many items can be given a second life through existing recycling systems. For instance, did you know that you can drop off Styrofoam materials at London Drugs and return dead pens to Staples for recycling?

staples 1.jpg


Staples can help you recycle some of those challenging office supplies such as pens, ink & toner cartridges and batteries


my recyclopedia

This great tool allows you to search for any items you want to recycle and provides a list of locations to take it to


Era computers

This non-profit takes your old, damaged electronics and recycles and repairs them to donate to community charities


ergo eco solutions

Ergo recycles used cooking oil from restaurants on the Island and converts it into bio-fuel in the Cowichan Valley

london drugs.jpg

london drugs

London Drugs offers recycling services for a wide variety of items such as soft plastics, Styrofoam, small appliances and more

ellice 1.jpg

ellice recycle

For all of those harder to recycle items such as  drywall, mattresses, Christmas lights and more check out Ellice Recycling

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