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Launched in 2019, Project Zero is an initiative of the Synergy Foundation focused on implementing circular economy concepts in British Columbia through incubation, innovation, and education. The program’s focus areas include:

Currently, only 8.6% of our world is circular, which means that over 91% of all goods produced are destined for landfills, oceans, or pollution at end of life. Project Zero is working to change these numbers and increase circularity to keep valuable resources in the system, reduce our dependency on virgin materials, strengthen our local economies, and bolster our supply chain resiliency. 

To work towards this goal, Project Zero hosts an annual Incubator Program to support new start-ups and entrepreneurs operating within the circular economy to launch their businesses and contribute to a low-carbon economic system. Project Zero also offers a variety of workshops and webinars to help build capacity, provides circular economy consulting to businesses and municipalities, and acts as a connector for stakeholders in our communities to support the transition to a circular economy.


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about synergy foundation 

Synergy Foundation is a registered non-profit society, focused on facilitating the shift towards a green economy through impactful programs and idea incubation.


Our core programs include BC Green BusinessFED Urban Agriculture Society, and our newest program, Project Zero. We also host an annual event, the Ecostar Awards.


We are a collaborative, do-er organization, focused on outcomes and mobilizing knowledge into action. 

Mission: To share ideas, spark innovation and activate change to steer our economy and communities towards a more regenerative future.

Circular economy leadership canada

"The Project Zero incubator program is filling a gap by providing support to entrepreneurs and start-ups that are looking to build and scale their circular economy companies and business models. The recent expansion of this program province-wide in British Columbia, including with interest from a large diversity of businesses, is a true testament to the value being provided, the benefits to local communities, as well as the growing interest in the circular economy more broadly."

- Paul Shorthouse, Managing Director

  Circular Economy Leadership Canada

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